Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's trip around the world is mostly contained to Europe, for some reason.

Starting in New York, you can learn about Dreamland, a long-gone amusement park that was once part of Coney Island and featured, among other attractions, "Liliputia," the town of 300 midgets. Wow.

Going across the pond, you can look for elves in Iceland, browse the real-life locales of Storybook England, control the colored lights in a building during Stockholm's Colour By Numbers exhibition, and mourn (or celebrate) the closing of Erich von Daniken's Mystery Park in Switzerland.

Going farther east, Japan has awesome manhole covers! I like the squid ones especially.

And for those into symbolism, the "secret" Rosicrucian symbols are online now, so I suppose they're not that secret any longer.

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