Monday, December 18, 2006

If it's Monday, it must be Art Day...

Operation Fragmentation is currently going on in Columbus; the challenge was for artists to combine an authentic military item and a designer military toy.

For virtual visiting, there's the new Surreal Art Collective.

And then there are those who think that artists should stay away from their art once they've created it. This strikes me as a really funny dilemma for some reason.

A gorgeous idea: a kaleidoscopic house. You could put dolls in it and have them trip out.

A new study says that night owls are more creative. Ha! Vindication at last!

It's time for the "best of 2006" album lists (are they still called albums?), but Blender has a different take: they look at the most disastrous albums of all time. (Maybe they were recorded during the daytime.)


bjkeefe said...

Almost as good, and likely not to offend anyone with any of the choices (at least, those with even a semblance of taste): Run for Your Life! It's the 50 Worst Songs Ever!

bjkeefe said...

Hmmm... my first comment must not have posted.

I think what I said was along the lines of this:

"The most disastrous albums" was a great link, Jinnet! Thanks for that.

On that same site, also be sure to read The 50 Worst Artists in Music History. This list will upset probably everyone with at least one or two of the entries. Nonetheless, it is snark at its finest.