Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hey, want to know how much the staff of various Congressional representatives make (or were making up until this week)? LegiStorm can tell you, although it's a twisted maze of lists (it's interesting to click on a name and see if they work for more than one politician, however).

In more DC-related research news, the Library of Congress is debuting a new search engine. It's in beta, of course, so be prepared for wacky wonkiness.

Stuff I learned from Internet Librarian, part 1 of a series: Nationmaster has all sorts of neat stats and graphs and whatnot for research geeks. (For instance, South America and the former Soviet Union are good places to get murdered; Saudi Arabia, not so much. Interesting, isn't it?)

Also from IL 2006: Zibb is an all-business search engine, which can be handy when you're trying to find information on a company with a rather non-corporate-sounding name.

Proof that there really is a weblog for everything out there: behold, the babes with books blog.

The MLS vs. no-MLS debate goes on all the time in libraries. I dutifully went back to school and got my MLS, but I think that experience counts just as much (probably more) than the degree. (I also think that an MLS program should have classes like "How to Fix Copiers" and "How to Prevent Back Injuries" and "How to Deal with Really Annoying People" and "Budgets 101," but that's a whole separate rant.)

And lastly, LisZen searches librarian weblogs, or the biblioblogosphere, if you prefer. Hee. (I want "biblioblogosphere" to be a spelling bee word one day.)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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