Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hey, it's almost that day! Soon I will be in Chicago, watching not the parades, not the football, but the dog show. Heh.

Speaking of, the San Francisco Macy's has adoptable kittens and puppies in their Christmas windows this year. Are they not adorable?

In case you decide to decorate the house this weekend, the Antique Christmas Lights Museum might offer some inspiration.

And if you're visiting others for the holiday and want to get away from said others for a little while, DropSpots is a new activity that's similar to geocaching and letterboxing, only with Google Maps as a guide. They started out a little while ago and have been adding spots pretty quickly, so there may be one in your area!

For the spooky among us: here's a whole raft of creepy-looking Bollywood horror posters, and here's a strange true story about the Winchester House in California. (Apparently they're making a movie out of this story, or so the rumor goes.)

Have a great holiday and/or weekend, everyone! Folderol will be back on Tuesday.

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