Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hey, it's Geography Awareness Week! Are you geographically aware? If not, we'll try to help out a bit today, but only in terms of aerial travel. For instance, soon you'll be able to listen to your iPod on a plane without draining the batteries (woohoo! My Ipod died on my flight back from Monterey, and I was sad).

Also from the air: roof design - and advertising - is suddenly becoming much more important, thanks to Google Earth.

The ultimate air traveler, civilian-turned-space explorer Anousheh Ansari, has a Flickr account depicting her trip into space. (At least, I think this is her account; at any rate, the photos are neat.)

If you'd rather travel virtually, SynthTravels is for you. This is just plain weird. Cool and far-out, but weird.

And for those of you impatiently waiting for something spooky rather than geographical: how about Nikolai Tesla's possible involvement in the 1908 explosion/detonation/meterorite crash in Tunguska, Russia? (Thanks for the pointer, Mr. Graveworm!)

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