Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Regarding the elections: Woohoo!!! Ted Strickland was my representative when I lived in Athens. It's lovely to have him as a governor.

A belated post-Halloween link, courtesy of Google: scary stories to read out loud by candlelight.

Spooky find of the week: a weblog all about cemeteries and gravestone symbols. From there, I learned what the Hebrew inscriptions on Jewish tombstones say, and also that the Vulcan greeting gesture derives from a Jewish blessing. Wow, the stuff you learn!

For more current media-meets-religion news, The Revealer has some interesting material.

Just what are those mysterious lights on Brown Mountain, anyway? Some determined people want to find out, for once and for all.

I thought this article on turning one's iPod into a Ouija Board was funny...until I read the comments and saw how seriously people took it. Now I'm just confused. Maybe it'd just be better to use technology

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