Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Okay, Americans, go out and vote today. Ask.com has a good breakdown of information and resources by state (just pick your state in the drop-down box). Have fun with potentially wonky voting machines, and in case you're not sure why you should vote, well, here's a brilliantly done video to help on that. (Seriously, if this person is not a film editor, he/she should be.)

Meanwhile, the Muppets are educating kids about landmines, SeeJane is researching gender portrayals in film for kids, and the UK's Science Museum has an amazing exhibit on video games going on.

And for the really random, there's now a weblog chronicling Wikipedia entries on the verge of deletion. You can learn through serendipity!


Anonymous said...

We voted. Now a whole evening of watching for results!

Bill Herald said...

Please wait one moment while I place the needle on the broken record.

Ahem. Regarding the article about girls in film-studies suggest 70-80% of people will behave as expected. If this is true, would it not be a logical deduction to conclude the "differences" of behavior between men and women could have more to do with nurture than nature? Could entertainment, coupled with implicit biases in schools construct a model for appropriate behavior for the sexes?

Am I off base? Is my logic flawed? Anyone?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Satan was shot out of the governor's race!!!!!!

Same applies to the Senate race!!!