Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News from the past: a Roman shipwreck has just been discovered!

News from the recent past: The IgNoble ceremonies were last month, and I completely missed it. Sorry about that. Happily, you can read all about it.

In the future, we will all have vendomat restaurants, just like they thought we would in the '50s! And what's more, we will have reverse vending machines! And we will have pizza in cones! And we will have doors on cubicles! (Actually, the cubicle door is reasonably priced, considering the psychological benefits it would provide.)

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Anonymous said...

We saw the Vendomat at St. Mark's last time we were up in NYC! It was the cleanest thing in the whole area.

I got a picture, but still need to develop the film :)

I really want to see if they are franchising and bring one to Northside!