Monday, June 12, 2006

Yes, it's time once again for one of our yard sales! This one has some great stuff, especially if you're of the geeky persuasion. (If you're in the Cincinnati area and you don't know where we live, email us and we'll give you directions.) More obnoxious posters will pop up during the week.

And now, on to the links...

Would Congress just please leave PBS alone? Sheesh.

Here's a great idea for an art installation: trees which draw. How awesome is this? (Many images are included; click on the numbers to see more.)

More interesting art news: evidently Kandinsky had synaesthesia, which significantly influenced his paintings.

The Soviet regime may not have been all that admirable, but their art was awfully cool.

And finally, you have not truly lived until you've seen David Hasselhoff singing "Secret Agent Man" while wearing a tuxedo and a jetpack. Yes, really.


Anonymous said...

It's 3 oclock on Tuesday, updates please.

Jinnet said...

It's on its way! I promise!