Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More wacky links. What dinosaur are you? Here's mine:


Current research suggests that Cryolophosaurus was a medium-sized, social, carnivorous creature...according to your answers so are you!Cryolophosaurus was the first meat-eating dinosaur fossil discovered in Antarctica . Although it's a frozen land nowadays, Antarctica wasn't always covered in ice. When dinosaurs were alive the world was mostly a lot warmer.Antarctica itself was further north than it is today, which meant it was nearer the equator and so less icy-cold. All sorts of plants and animals flourished there.

This is part of the DinoJaws exhibit going on over in the UK, which begins this weekend.

Make your own air conditioner! This may come in handy around August.

The Driv-E-Mocion tells other drivers what you're thinking. This could be useful, or it could get you killed, depending on your temperament. I do like the "thanks" option, though.

Has anyone tried Amazon's Grocery concept yet? We're impatiently waiting for online groceries to make it to the midwest...

Swiped from Pop Culture Junk Mail: Chew By Numbers! The mind boggles.

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