Thursday, June 15, 2006

Okay, this is it! Tomorrow and Saturday, our place. There will be fun people and fun times. Stop by, and if you still don't know where we are, email us for directions. (Our address doesn't show up in Google Maps, see. We are incognito spooky librarians as far as they're concerned.)

Since we'll be sort of busy tomorrow, Folderol probably won't get updated. So here's a combo post, with interesting, somewhat library-friendly links and then links from others.

After a few years of individual (and wildly successful) efforts on their own websites, Pamie and Glark have combined forces to begin the Dewey Donation System, You have to love an organization that has "Libraries Are Sexy. Pass It On." as a slogan. Go donate to libraries that really need your help!

Did you know we just had a Strawberry Full Moon? Wow, the things you learn in the Farmer's Alamanac...

The University of Buffalo has a great online exhibit of yesteryear ads featuring now-illegal substances. I wonder what it was like to have cocaine throat lozenges and wine around.

After Modern Mechanix posted this wonderful story on the bizarre tunnels beneath the home of Dr. H.G. Dyar, I got all intrigued and found a short biography of the man. And people think scientists are boring. Wow!

From Holly: The Emperor finds out what happened to the Death Star. (If you're not watching Robot Chicken these days, you should be.)

From Bunny: What movie should you be in? We both got Fight Club. This is a strange result. (Well, not for him, really...)

From Danny: a wonderful treasure chest of links (and video!) for fans of the Elegant Gothic Lolita look.

Also from Danny: trailers for Finnish documentaries, mostly regarding death metal bands who eat each other. Well, occasionally, anyway.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you this weekend, or Monday.

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Rikki said...

Hey spooky types,
thanks for the write-up of Gimme Your stuff! When are you coming to join?!
We need some spooky gear :)