Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's the 62nd anniversary of D-Day. Wow. Of course, it's also the National Day of Slayer and the time when the seas will turn to blood and all that, which seems a little contradictory. (I did like hearing what the Satanists will be doing tonight, which sounds pretty ordinary.)

Another sign of the imminent apocalypse: the robots are getting smaller and better. Yay, robots! Meanwhile, the humans are trying to build a real-life Mario Brothers game. Sign up for it if you like.

Happy news for the geeky: Choose Your Own Adventures are back!

Your moment of...well, not zen; perhaps more of absurdity: the Muppet Show theme set to The Lord of the Rings. Someone somewhere is a brilliantly goofy genius.

Lastly, some personal bits. If you want to see what I look like (from the back), check out the cover art to the upcoming release by The Silent Screen, a band which plans to take over the world. Eventually, anyway. Also, a new podcast is up at Meet Cleaver Theatre, featuring a trailer, information, and some banter, co-hosted by Butch and a groundhog. If you've ever wondered what I sound like as a groundhog, well, now your curiosity can be satisfied.

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