Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wow, Blogger has had the flu lately or something. Updating has been a pain. At any rate...

The weekend activities are pretty much geared toward the World Cup -- the Germans have even thoughtfully provided a different pizza for each nation in the tournament! -- so if you're not interested in soccer, the pickings may be slim. In such an event, you could curl up with some nice paranormal publications, courtesy of Adventures Unlimited Press, or perhaps peruse the library of Dr. Gargoyle (I can't say much for his professional claims, but the library is pretty decent!), or ponder the curse of the Omen movies, or go in a lighter direction and study the mythic literature which abounds within the Mythopoeic Society.

Alternatively, you could try outfitting your dog in a stunning Storm Defender, which is supposed to make dogs feel better during storms. I think this may depend on how your dog feels about wearing a vinyl cape.

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Dawn said...

Yes, Blogger's been on the fritz for a couple of days now. It's made me wonder where I'd move to should Blogger be dead one day. reassures me they're fixing it.

What's worse is that there was a period of time for about an hour today where both Blogger AND Flickr weren't working.

I just shut the computer off.