Monday, June 26, 2006

Well. Last week was sort of a disaster in terms of time management. Everyone's trying to get everything done before the 4th of July weekend, apparently. This includes me, who's taking off for New England Friday morning while Bunny holds down the spooky library fort! Therefore, in honor of the shortened week and the backlog from last week, we're throwing the themed days out the window and just posting whatever, whenever, until Thursday. Got a link you want to share with the world? Send it in!

And now, on to the varied links. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in!

From Holly: a Turkish student is out to protest the mandatory centralized exam by attempting to answer every single question wrong. I'm not exactly sure how this helps the cause, but hey.

Also from Holly: combine Stalin with surf music and you get...Gulag Tunes. Yes, it's real!

Also from Holly again: a bizarre story involving virgins, insurance, and the second coming of Christ.

From Courtney: it's a card catalog! It's art! It's the Cartalog!

Swiped from my cousin (once removed or second once removed or something) Brendan: Wikipedia's controversial topics include Islam, the 2004 election, and...George Bernard Shaw?

Worth 1000 always has fantastic PhotoShop contests. A recent one on "real life merit badges" produced some true gems. There are badges for everything, from Monty Python knowledge to gay merit to modern video games.

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