Friday, May 26, 2006

Well, hi. Here are some leftover Thursday links for the library people! Actually, they're mostly questions. Has anyone tried the "Check This Out!" podcast yet? And has anyone tried listening to Reuters Newsbeats? I'm interested in what sort of music they play...

Louisiana lawyers are getting free technical assistance while everything's being reconstructed. It's nice to see something positive happening.

It's not too early to start planning for Internet Librarian 2006! They even have a wiki set up.

On to links from others! From Holly: there's a "sex theme park" opening in London. Yowza! Also from Holly: the Simpsons are a fount of philosophy for the ages.

From Zazoo: John Cameron Mitchell of Hedwig fame has a new movie out!

And lastly, swiped from the insanity that is Cute Overload...the amazing HamTrack '06. You can see all the different teams! And if you go to the "bet now" part, you can see the hamsters in their little helmets! Awwww!

Have a spiffy long weekend, everyone. Back on Tuesday.

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