Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Remember Frogger? Now you can do the same to British commuters, with entertaining commentary when you accidentally whack one of them into the side of a lorry or the Tube.

More British fun: Anything Radioactive sells you all sorts of potentially dangerous/panic-inducing items having to do with hazardous waste and the like. You never know when something like that may come in handy...

...like if you have an invisible cloaking device, for instance! Can flying cars be far behind? Come on, scientists, get to it. I want the traffic report to look like Coruscant. (Was that too geeky?)

Also, there's now a way to preserve snowflakes for years. Now we'll see if that whole "no two are alike" belief is true or not.

There's also programmable soda. Actually, the hazardous/toxic warning labels might be useful here, too.

Finally, you can create your own sign to show Barry Bonds how you really feel.

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