Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's links are all death-related. Er. I didn't plan it that way, honest.

At any rate, if you have had a near-death experience but haven't quite gone over to the other side yet, or if perhaps you've seen something strange happen at someone else's deathbed, the Deathbed Experience Research Net wants to talk to you.

If you have indeed gone over to the other side, on the other hand, the Edinburgh Ghost Fest would be happy to talk to you. It starts next weekend, so you still have some time to get there. Can ghosts travel transatlantically?

Wikipedia provides a list of unusual deaths. Attila the Hun choked on a nosebleed, while Jack Daniel died of blood poisoning after kicking his safe in anger. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

Something very sad, but also beautiful: the Library of Dust is a photo gallery of found containers holding the ashes of patients from an abandoned asylum.

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Anonymous said...

oooohhhh...we are so on the same wavelength it's creepy. Is it the planets?