Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hi. Today I bring you a few arty things and some fun interactive games. First, the fun: see how good a tattoo artist you would be! I was better than I thought I'd be, actually. If you're not so much into coloring within the lines, you can participate in the Global Mosaic, making patterns with several other people simultaneously. It's sort of soothing in a meditative way.

If you like photography and literature, you can combine the two and be part of the Flickr Bookshelf Pool. If you're more interested in graphic design and movies, the Da Vinci Code Movie Titles site takes you through what could have been (and is, in some cases). If you'd rather combine movies with music....well, you should get on that, because evidently film scores aren't really grabbing anyone lately.

And lastly, for fans of Spalding Gray, there's going to be a final remembrance/performance/reading of unpublished material to celebrate what would have been Spalding's 65th birthday next week. There's almost no mention of Renee, though. That's pretty harsh. (Article is from the New York Times; use bugmenot if it bugs you for a password.)

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