Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy birthday, Scot! Emergo wanted to get you the DVD box set of Blossom, but we said no.

Hurricane season starts tomorrow, and here's the list of names if you're curious. (My mom's name is on the list; mine was officially retired two years ago. Oooh, ahhh.) Names for hurricanes in other places around the world are listed as well. I like the Australian ones.

How good are you at identifying land masses? Without any borders or man-made landmarks? The GoogleMaps Quiz will find you out. I'm pretty bad at this sort of thing, apparently. However, I'm better at navigating city streets, which is why the new theme of Moleskine notebooks appeals to me so much.

(Also, for the spooky types in the audience: check out this amazing, incredible, wonderful alchemy notebook in Moleskine form!)

If you live in Europe, you can adopt an olive tree and reap the rewards. If you're living in America, however, you're out of luck. On the plus side, you could go to the Red Earth Festival this weekend in Oklahoma instead.

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