Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today, Kent State observes the 36th anniversary of the on-campus protest and shootings. Fittingly, the site is called "the cost of war."

The Ballard branch of Seattle's public library system is environmentally friendly and very cool-looking. (Yet another reason to visit the Pacific Northwest!)

You can browse through Isaac Newton's laboratory books online, speaking of cool-looking. (Found via the Librarian in Black.)

I have a few Sears catalogs from the late 1890s, and they're great. Some enterprising soul is going through the 1902 edition and commenting on it, which can be hilarious.

Browsing bookshelves can lead to all sorts of serendipitous experiences, says a professor, and modern society is taking that from us. I'd argue that the internet leads to even more serendipity, myself. (It can also lead to brilliantly random, yet somewhat scheduled, interruptions in one's workday!)

Tomorrow: links from others.

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