Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy stormy Monday (seriously, the sky outside my window is green right now).

The Smart Set examines the rage of Dylan Thomas and his father.

Debate time! The Guardian lists 100 nonfiction books you should read. Further debate takes place on the bookblog. Threats will be made, insults will be traded, books will be read.

Meanwhile, great minds like Terry Gilliam and Noel Fielding talk about why they like Magritte.

The strangeness of "artist statements" is a running joke at our house. Now the Arty Bollocks Generator can make one up for you!

And, lastly, for dark and stormy days, consider the Creepy LEGO group on Flickr. Fun for hours!

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Anonymous said...

Re: Rage of Dylan Thomas

Thank you so much for posting. I love my rage, my fury. It gets me out of bed most mornings, haha.(S0, it's good to know I am in good company, I guess.) haha

One puzzling thing, however, I understand thoroughly how rage could tempt one to use her nails and teeth to claw and tear out the intestines of the object of her rage, smearing the wrongdoer's blood all over her body while whooping out victorious battle cries, but to actually act on that rage? Very strange.

I wonder why some people act on their emotions and others do not.