Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're a bit all over the place this week. There are truly steampunky happenings out there -- a proposed web series you can support, for instance! And a new physics-based game in which you save a steampunk hero and dispose of a steampunk villain! -- but there are other historical tidbits not necessarily Neo-Victorian. (That'd be a good name for a weblog. Not Necessarily Neo-Victorian.)

Baseball history, for example, is full of proposed innovations and inventions, some of which succeeded wildly and some of which...well...didn't. The schematics are fantastic, regardless of the success rate!

Enterprising souls have rebuilt Bletchley Park's Tunny cryptanalysis machine. Ooooh. Ahhhh.

We always hear that kids know nothing of history. Apparently we've been hearing that for a very long time! (The Breaking Time is a great site, by the way, and you should check it out.)

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