Thursday, June 09, 2011

If you ever wondered why you should bother to be nice to your neighborhood librarian, Unshelved spells it out for you. Muhahahaha!

Copyright Law Is a Mess, part 3487 of a series: college libraries are afraid to digitize collections, for fear of running into copyright trouble with orphan works. (You don't even want to hear about the perils of film copyrights.)

Fortunately, no Assyrians are likely to challenge the publication of a new dictionary. It's only been in the works for ninety years!

I was reading an article about "digital archeology" and then saw a computer I used to have...labeled as "vintage." Geez. Get off my lawn, whippersnappers.

Unbound is a UK-based venture which is sort of like Kickstarter for books. Support your local authors!

And finally, if you are in the legal profession and slightly geeky (and I mean that as a compliment), you should check out the CLE programs offered by the people behind Law and the Multiverse. Educational and entertaining!

Tomorrow: links from others. Thanks, everyone!

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