Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is staying relatively cool and dry. (If not, try jousting, perhaps?)

I took the Personal DNA personality test and found I was high on the "agency" category. Bunny then sent this description of what agency a gaming setting, at least. (According to the test, by the way, I am a "generous inventor" type. If I ever invent anything, I promise to share it.)

From Julie: The British Library provides access to historical materials via the iPad! Woohoo!

Also from Julie: Super-spooky musical soundscape on a hill. SO COOL.

Also spooky: Australia's official UFO files have, er, gone missing. DUN DUN DUNNNN. (From Chuck, via Cassandra.)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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Anonymous said...

Since you are everso generous(and you really are!) will you share your sense of agency with me?

Alas, I am a reserved artist. Tragic indeed, when one's temperament and abilities are mismatched.