Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Okay, this is the last call for one Mr. Barry Huddleston, who won our copy of The Falling Machine! If we do not hear from this gentleman within the week, we shall have a redo of the drawing. (So if you entered the contest, take heart -- you may still have a chance!)

And now, a call of a different sort -- Beyond Victoriana is looking for new contributors. (As an aside, if you like Beyond Victoriana, you should definitely check out Silver Goggles.)

There's an app for steampunk, you know. Well, actually, there are several. But this one brings you all the information from Steampunk News, so you can be properly enlightened no matter where you are. (There's even a category for the Steampunk Librarian! Huzzah!)

How to Be a Retronaut keeps bringing the goodness. Look at these "criminal" photos from Newcastle in the 1870s. Many are children, caught stealing boots.  Amazing stuff.

And, lastly, many thanks to Bunny for sending me the trailer to BioShock Infinite. A floating city circa 1912 named Columbia? Wow!

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