Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You may remember the amazing "steampunk Star Wars" outfits seen at conventions lately. Outland Armour, the group behind these creations, had the bad luck to be in Nashville when the floods came, and many of their belongings -- costumes included -- have been lost. If you'd like to help them get back on their feet, a site is up and running, and donors even have the chance to win some prizes!

May is "steampunk/neo-victorian month" over at the Floating Academy, which specializes in Victorian studies and is a great read during the rest of the year, too!

Meanwhile, artist Lisa Snellings is starting a whole summer of steampunk (hooray!).

Two great sites I have managed to overlook until now: Exhibition Hall, an online fanzine touching on several steampunky aspects, and Steampunk Costume, which covers many things besides costumery!

And finally, for anyone who has imagined their body as a machine (especially, as both the poster on Coilhouse and I have done, for those who imagined the war being fought inside their body during childhood illnesses), Man as Industrial Palace is a wonderful short animation.

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