Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Monday, and therefore it is time for an arts roundup.

Visual arts: A Picasso, a Matisse, and a Modigliani were among the paintings stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris last week. Photos of the stolen paintings are here, in case you see them at a pawn shop or something. I am amazed museum thefts still happen in real life.

Visual arts, part II: Scientific American has a gallery of optical illusions intended to break your brain.

Theatre: In the Berkshires, kids facing juvenile detention can perform Shakespeare instead of community service. This sounds pretty awesome!

Film: David Lynch has made a sixteen-minute film for Christian Dior, which you can view on Dior's website. Yay!

Literature and art and film and more: Lapham's Quarterly has a flow chart of everyone who knew everybody back in the day, from Virginia Woolf to Kevin Bacon.

Photography: Cats in the Navy! Many wonderful photographs, including little hammocks for cats on ships! My favorite one is the portrait of "Wockle."

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Unknown said...

I loved the Shakespeare in the Berkshires piece. How very cool is that! Joyce