Friday, May 21, 2010

There would be even more "links from others" today, but I found out that today's Google home page is a playable Pac-Man screen, and, well, you know. Happy 30th to Pac-Man, and I hope to get to the fourth level soon!

From Cassandra: a lovely article about Emily Dickinson, a thought-provoking essay on "juristocracy,"  and news of another anniversary (Ian Curtis's death) prompting a symphony based on the music of Joy Division.

From Bunny: the big science news which may finally propel us into the future (synthetic life!). Related to this, here is OMD's "Genetic Engineering," via John Scalzi's post on the same topic.

Also from Bunny via Sergio: the awful truth about Farmville.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday.


Anonymous said...

RE: Juristocracy

I love this quote: The common-law tradition, he argued, was nothing more than an attempt to substitute the opinion of judges for that of the people as expressed in legislation. Why, he asked, should we prefer the opinion of the few to that of the many?

But, I would argue that legislation is nothing more than an attempt to substitute the opinion of a corrupt elite for that of the masses.

Is there a profound difference between the 2? Have the masses not always submitted to the directives of a morally bankrupt few regardless of the type of gov?

As we seem incapable of constructing a fair and equitable world, we are left with nothing more than philosophical trends/wars/experiments/ to mediate the consistant onslaught of crippling injustices and harsh inequities. I wonder why.

SuperSlow Man v.2.0 said...

Curses on Google!!!!!
Friday procrastination fun!