Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This weekend brings us Pentecost, aka Whitsun, which is not so much a big deal around here but is most definitely a holiday weekend in Europe. For example! The Salzburg Whitsun Festival takes place this weekend, as does...the International Clown Festival in Denmark, the Vogalonga rowing competition in Venice, and the Daphne du Maurier Festival in England. Okay, maybe it's not a big deal there, either.

In the United States, meanwhile, the mad scientists and gadgeteers and futurists and steampunks are gathering for the Maker Faire in California. I am envious.

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Anonymous said...

Jinnet, you could go to the Maker Faire in California! Do it! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! (No pressure or anything, haha) You could, sistah! Come on! Why won't you?

You could fly out Friday midday and come back late Sunday night. You could blog about it! Man! Come ON! Take one for the team!!!!! I'll even book the flight for you if that would help motivate you....YAY California!!!!