Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy news in the land of the Steampunk Librarian: "steampunk fiction" is now a Library of Congress Subject Heading!

In somewhat related news, a steampunk documentary is in the works. So to speak. (In the cogs?)

The Anachronism is a lovely l5-minute film with mechanical squids and all sorts of steampunkesque bits. If you like your movies a little longer, there's news about a possible new 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea cinematic treat.

ArcAttack! performed at the Maker Faire last weekend. If you didn't see them, you can at least view some filmed performances. Tesla coils galore!

If you are in the UK this weekend, try your best to check out Alex CF's show in London. It's beautiful and weird and spooky and altogether wonderful.

You may have seen homes with a steampunk design flair, but have you seen a steampunked baby room? The Steampunk Duo is creating one! (And a baby to go with it, too.)

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