Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's steampunk day, and not only that, we have steampunk links sent in by others! Many thanks, everyone!

From Julie: an amazing clock called the Chronophage, or "Time Eater," has been unveiled at Cambridge University, and Stephen Hawking was there for its debut! There's also a video at the university's website which shows the clock in more detail (and, in doing so, shows close-ups of the most terrifying Giger-esque grasshopper ever conceived. Yikes.)

From Dan: Bill Bailey's website is all steampunkified! I've been watching Bill on QI and never even thought to look at his website. I am duly ashamed.

Stephen H. Segal of Weird Tales participated in a steampunk panel at DragonCon, and gives some possible reasons for steampunk's recent surge in popularity.

An example: steampunk weddings! I've heard of a few, but this one includes a huge online photo gallery. Hooray!

And finally, do not fret about the EPA trying to shut down the Ghostbusters; now we have the steampunk ghostbusters, which will do the same job but with much more style and panache!

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