Friday, September 19, 2008

`Tis Fridee, which means 'tis time fer links from others. But e'en more importantly, 'tis International Talk Like a Gentleman o' fortune Tide! Celebrate by speakin' shipmate all tide, e'en online wi' th' help o' this handy guide.

From Julie: why be we so fascinated wi' th' end o' th' world? I do like th' selection o' comments at th' end. Me favorite: "I`ve scheduled th' movers fer 150 million o'years from now..."

From Dawnowar: Truck Spills! They's e'en broken down by category. Th' chicken page be worth a look, for sure an' certain.

From Cassandra: Th' goth look will ne're die. Now they's e'en exhibitin' th' clothes in fashion museums!

Also from Cassandra: an upcomin' scientific study on near-Davy Jones' locker experiences, th' history o' sex at Pompeii, an unsettlin' article about th' FBI gainin' more freedom t' invade yer privacy, an' a test o' yer person. Me results told me that I be a dreamer who wanted t' go explore th' world an' hade fer th' beach; 'tis mostly true, but I think th' events o' this week be havin' affected me choices.

Some random links collected from around th' web this week: How long could YE survive chained t' a bunk bunk wi' a velociraptor? I'd only make 't fer one minute, three seconds. (They dasn't tell ye how long th' velociraptor will survive, tho. That might be interestin'!)

Gro'er an' Rosita o' Sesame Street be collaboratin' wi' Homeland Security. Maybe th' end o' th' world BE near after all. (Perhaps Rosita be a spy; she`s th' new arrival, after all...)

Sissinghurst be th' homeport o' writer Vita Sackville-West, an' ye can go on a quick virtual tour o' th' place if ye canna visit 't in swabbie.

Be havin' a spiffy, shipmate-filled weekend, sea dogs an' land lubbers! Be seein' ye Mondee.

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Bill Herald said...

I be a romantic an' love th' simplicity o' nature. Nothin' be more precious than natural bountiful booty. Music helps me unwind an' switch off.I dasn't like t' take things too seriously an' I`d like t' sail off into th' sunst.

That's a transcript from my person. Thanks for posting this, Jinnet, thanks alot. (Smell that? that's sarcasm!) I will be talking like this all day. (teehee)