Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Before we get into the steampunk-related stuff, a brief sad announcement: voiceover man extraordinaire Don Lafontaine is no more. (Thanks, Danny!)

DragonCon took place over the long weekend, and the steampunkers seem to have been out in force. (Also, for non-steampunks, there were some truly awesome costumes, like the Master from Manos and several people dressed like Venture Brothers characters.)

In the excitement about IndyMogul doing a steampunk-related episode last week, I didn't even notice that it was part of a week-long crossover series with ThreadBanger. Good stuff, there!

The latest fashion accessory informs you that the revolution will not be telegraphed. Take that, Samuel Morse. Also, there are Emo for Obama buttons and even Thereminists for Obama buttons, but there are no Steampunks for Obama buttons? I protest! (The entire list is wonderful, however.)

In the future, wind will power the world! Well, hopefully. In the meantime, you can see this neato LEGO windmill, which is sadly available only to Vesta employees. However, they've also provded a handy guide to building your own.

Have I linked to the Victorian wooden submarine before? I think I may have. It's always worth a second look. And if you are attracted to strange ruins, abandoned buildings, and murky machinery (and you should be), this compendium of Flickr galleries should keep you absorbed for hours.

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