Thursday, September 04, 2008

RIP, Bill Melendez. (Not only was he the animator of the Peanuts specials, he was also the voice of Snoopy.)

Jessamyn points to the Time story about Sarah Palin's clash with the Wasilla library. Trying to ban books is not the way to get the librarian vote, in case you ever wondered.

Meanwhile, the news librarians at the Anchorage Daily News have been busy, and have put together a whole resource page for those researching the VP nominee.

And finally, the Baby Name Wizard explains what's up with western-state conservative Christians giving their kids unusual names. (Regardless of your politics, this is interesting stuff.)

I seem to be finding a lot of stories lately referencing Generation X, for some reason (I'm not actively looking for them, that's for sure). The latest reports that a high percentage of Twitter users are Gen Xers. Hm.

If you're a member of Generation X, prepare to start feeling old: Google turns 10 on Sept. 7. Remember when Alta Vista was the ultimate search engine?

Tomorrow: links from others!

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