Monday, September 22, 2008

Good morning. Why not start (or end) your day by listening to T.S. Eliot and Portishead?

Happy news: the Muppets are storming back into popular culture!

Confusing news: what the heck happened to fairy tales? Is this another instance of PC going too far?

The rest of today's links are photo-oriented, encompassing the historical (via the Maritime Museum's new Flickr account), the tragic (coverage of Hurricane Ike's impact), and the goofy (squirrels gamboling on and around various yard items. Check out the squirrel in the car!).

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Anonymous said...

Great article regarding tales of fairies. France's version of Little Red Riding Hood is the best.

"Put it in the pantry, my child. Take some of the meat that is there, and the bottle of wine that is on the shelf."

While she was eating, a little cat that was there said, "For shame! The slut is eating her grandmother's flesh and drinking her grandmother's blood."

"Get undressed, my child," said the bzou, and come to bed with me."

I've also read a version where she stripped to divert the wolf's attention, then ran. Fascinating.