Friday, May 23, 2008

Rejoice, for it is the Friday before a long weekend, and I bring you links from others. Thanks, everyone!

Julie (in the UK) and Satori (in the US) have updates on the transatlantic Telectroscope! Even if there is no tunnel across the ocean, the concept still sounds very cool.

Also from Satori: a Japanese parrot gets lost, but tells the vet his name and address. Who needs microchips?

From Danny: the wild art (and website) of Panamarenko.

From Cassandra: donkeys are going to jail in Mexico and ghost girls are frightening motorists in England. Yes, everything really is falling apart!

Something I swiped from a Gawker site: absurd (but real) captioning in newcasts. I tend to point these out when I see them, so I'm thrilled someone is keeping track.

From Holly: a very cool shirt for geek moms-to-be. Also, Holly's work is going to be featured in the Prairie Arts Festival this weekend, so everyone in the Chicago area should stop by and check it out!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Back on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

I think the best part of the parrot story is that he had the sense not to talk to the cops without a lawyer. Smart bird! LOL