Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey, it's Zoopolis 500 Day at the Indianapolis Zoo! Watch the turtle races! Yes, wacky festival season is well underway now, especially in England, where you can participate in the Cheese Rolling contest in Gloucestershire (injuries are common) or the Woolsack races in Tetbury (strengthen your neck muscles first).

If you want to participate in the Grease to Greece journey, which begins in South London and will be fueled entirely by greasy spoon castoff grease (if all goes well), you've got some time, as it won't begin until August.

The new Indiana Jones movie comes out tomorrow, and wow, is LEGO ever ready for it!

Two links from others today! Cassandra sends in a story discussing the odd behavior of animals before the recent earthquake in China, while Holly informs us that Hello Kitty is now Japan's official tourism ambassador. Wow.

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