Monday, May 19, 2008

As promised last week, the top baby names have been broken down by state (with records going back to 1980), so you can see what names will be popping up in your local schools soon. If you're into more scientific names, however, Cassandra just sent me this news article in which you can bid for naming rights of a species of frog.

Among the many delights of YouTube are short films that we would see in school. Here's The Giving Tree, for example.

Vinchen is the Banksy of Columbus, Ohio, I believe. (I think it's Columbus, at any rate - several of the pieces are located there.)

Gail Potocki creates gorgeous paintings that look as if they're from another century.

There's a wonderful gallery of crate labels online - I love how bright the colors are. I also love some of the names, like the one for Glamour Girl Quality Vegetables!

Graphic designers should love the Rather Difficult Font Game. Not being a graphic designer, I was pretty lousy at it and got 15 out of 34. (Way back in journalism school, we had to know some basic fonts, I believe, which is the only reason I got a few of these right.)

Does anyone else remember Fashion Plates? I found this and was instantly transported back to the '70s. You can spend hours browsing through Retropedia!

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