Monday, May 05, 2008

Keith Haring would have turned 50 yesterday. In honor of him, why not spend some time having fun at the Haring Kids site?

More art links: there's a whole weblog dedicated to the sketches people create in their Moleskines; the Iron Man website has a huge gallery section for artwork (kids and adults both; feel free to send in your own!); the UK's Science Museum has a very cool-looking exhibit on comic book character Dan Dare and his influence on British architecture; and a journalist tries to find out whether the Baby Einstein series really does make your kid smarter.

In the literary realm, Penguin's We Tell Stories site uses interactive features for six short stories. It looks cool, but also takes a fair amount of concentration. Also needing concentration: getting literary quotes and/or figures tattooed on one's body. (Note to Charon: they don't have your Poe tattoos on here! Send them in!)

If you'd rather not involve yourself in too much effort, you can sit back and drink in the history and the wild stories of the writers of Los Angeles, thanks to Esotouric. There are two Raymond Chandler tours, and now one for Bukowski. (Esotouric offers nonliterary tours, too.)

And finally...the ten worst musicals ever made, according to the Telegraph. I can't imagine a Moby Dick musical, but evidently someone tried to put one together!

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Susan Rudat said...

Happy Birthday Keith. We miss you dearly!