Thursday, May 15, 2008

Behold Citricon, defender of libraries! This got sent around in our library, and I offered to protect our materials with a raygun. This led to all sorts of craziness.

What books traumatized you as a child? (My own personal traumas came from reading Bible-based storybooks in doctors' offices. Nothing like being told you're going to hell right before a tonsillectomy.) There's also a similar discussion on traumatizing movies.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica is offering access to bloggers, writers and webmasters! More information here.

Vote for your favorite Google Doodle! Mine is the offering from Region #1, Grades 10-12, for reasons that are probably obvious.

It's always fun when the most popular baby names from last year come out. On Monday, they'll have a breakdown by state available as well.

Attention librarians: How many different names for your job are out there? Zillions, as it turns out.

The archives at Yale has a very cool weblog called the Room 26 Cabinet of Curiosities.

And finally, a sobering website that shows each and every American death in Iraq. You hover over each tile to see names and information; you can also search by state, city, etc.

Tomorrow: links from others, stay tuned.

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