Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Links a-plenty for the steampunks in the audience today! If you're not so inclined, here's something political, yet fun: make the candidates fight each other, a la Mortal Kombat. Pow!

On to steampunk, which is getting more and more popular - and, as a result, more expensive. For instance, a "vintage" iPod charger looks very cool, but is $800. Yikes!

Then again, there are tentacled chandeliers out there, which are also wildly expensive but were not created with steampunk specifically in mind. I think they'd look quite lovely in a Nautilus, or a Nautilus-themed room. You could sit in the room and drink espresso made by a stunning, spiky-looking machine, or drink absinthe with the help of these intricate spoons. Again, all very expensive, but perhaps an eccentric type could set up one of Tesla's towers and rake in the money.

Fortunately, for the rest of us, there are still thrift stores, junkyards and fantastic little niches like the Mad Salvager! Also, right after my last post wondering what happened, the Victorian Adventure Enthusiast is up and running - quite enthusiastically, too. KineticWorld has appeared back on the scene, and there's also the giant Museum of Retro Technology for inspiration. Don't be afraid to put a little DIY punk into steampunk; it's half the name, after all.

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