Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's a new year, and the Gawker media empire has a new weblog. This one concentrates on science fiction, and looks promising. Bring on the aliens!

This is also the year of personal spy robots! Well, maybe. I know someone who used to leave sound-activated tape recorders scattered about with the same purpose in mind. A robot seems a bit more conspicuous.

Then again, the FBI is quietly deleting files, so maybe they need a few robots zipping around over there.

More spooky stuff: a weblog details the sightings of big cats in the UK; artist Brian Dettmer makes weirdly lovely "book autopsies" (not recommended for people who get upset when books are cut up or altered); and the Creeplings would like to make friends with you and live in your house, provided you purchase them.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Creeplings

Uh. Um. Why would I pay for images that appear in my dreams for free? Sheesh. I should learn to paint. The creeplings look like charming fairies and innocent children compared to my house of horrors (or whores, teehee) visions. (haha!!!!hahaha)

Seriously, though, some cool shit, eh?