Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Despite the controversy last year, the mysterious visitor to Poe's grave made his/her annual pilgrimage over the weekend. Hooray!

Artist Cal Lane makes amazingly intricate lace designs out of steel. Yes. It's beautiful.

Another artist, Stephen Rothwell, shows how to do a really bang-up job of a spooky, steamy website portfolio. Wow. I'm in awe. I especially love the photo on the Inquiries page!

Jake Von Slatt is at it again - this time, it's a steampunk car project. The car is from 1929 and looks gorgeous already - I can't wait to see what happens to it.

In today's world, you can't really get away with hidden weaponry. That's a shame, because I love the idea of a pocketwatch pistol! I also like the jailer key. And the crucifix.

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