Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy news for readers: the Atlantic Monthly's articles are freely available now! Hooray!

Silly library site: Dress up a (female) librarian. I like her original outfit, actually.

If you liked the Flickr-Library of Congress photograph collaboration, you will also probably like the Soldier Portraits project going on in Savannah. The photos are beautiful, and the handwritten details are wonderful. Any soldier can participate, too.

More election 2008 fun: get a wide variety of opinions and facts at Electicker.

For those of us who like to make and/or critique lists: Listography is a gold mine and an inspiration.

Links from others tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I've always preferred the game "undress a librarian"......


Anonymous said...

Undress the librarian could be fun, depending on who was playing.

I, however, at this low moment of my life, think we should play redress the librarian - as in to set right; remedy or repair (wrongs, injuries, etc.)

Being a librarian is a MOST thankless job. Can I get a witness?

Unknown said...