Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First, a remnant from yesterday's steampunk links: modders are building Star Wars steampunk ships! So far the A.T A.T. E.L.E. Walker is my favorite. Thanks, Danny!

And speaking of space...the asteroid did not hit us after all, but a satellite will be crashing shortly, possibly in the U.S. And then there's this possibly alien "hyper-fast star" news... (Thanks to Cassandra and Bunny for the links!)

Meanwhile, down here on Earth, things are as strange as ever. (Impromptu performances of the Thriller dance need to happen much more often, I think.)

Via StrangeMaps, a really interesting view of religion in the U.S. See that tiny pink square of Mennonites in Ohio? I know it well!

And finally, for the spookily inclined: if you haven't checked out Pretty Scary lately, you really should. It's pretty, it's scary, and it's frighteningly well organized!

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