Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Finally, the future is coming! Driverless taxis are coming to Europe! Pilotless planes are in our near future! Woohoo!

Meanwhile, it's Banned Books Week, and some people are still stuck in the Middle Ages when it comes to letting people read what they want. Tim, over at Geistweg, has some good entries on the subject. Go out and read something scandalous this week, people. ("Scandalous" is meant rather saracastically.)

X-Entertainment has already started their Halloween countdown. Aw yeah. I love this time of year. (An aside: does X-Entertainment not have RSS feeds? And if so, why not?)

Red Bull has the coolest headquarters office ever. Slides! We need slides in our own office!

Meanwhile, over here in the states, a whole community based on a Hobbit shire is underway in Bend, Oregon. Man, I gotta get out to the Pacific Northwest soon.

Another reason Wikipedia is awesome: they have lists of the weirdest things, like this detailed compilation of Muppets eating Muppets. Wow, this happens a LOT. They need to issue a PSA on this on Sesame Street!

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