Monday, September 18, 2006

Today I bring you tiny little bits of art for your enjoyment!

Painting: Edvard Munch's recently-recovered paintings will be back on display for a short while, before they go away for some touchups (apparently they're slightly damaged from the exciting adventures they had during their kidnapping).

Dancing: I remember reading a book at a very young age which described how ballerina's feet became black and bloodied from all that en pointe dancing. That pretty much shut down any burgeoning balletic dreams I ever had. And if I'd been able to read this article, which goes into even more detail, I may not have even gone into show choir. Agh.

Literature: Were the Iliad and Odyssey actually written by a woman? Cool!

Photography: If you've ever wondered where that phrase about "watching the birdie" came from, here's the answer. (I'm still not sure why people say cheese, though.)

Modern art/culture jamming: Banksy has crossed the ocean and wreaked some havoc at Disneyland recently.

Local art: Cincinnati is trying to find its arts identity. I expect many other cities have the same problem. Except they probably didn't go through that whole Mapplethorpe thing like we did.

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