Thursday, September 14, 2006

Today, a little something for everyone who works in or occasionally visits a library.

For librarians tired of being chained to the reference desk: join the Librarian Fit Club!

For librarians gearing up for Banned Books Week: Google is now in on the act with a Banned Books page.

For people lost at the Seattle Public Library, there's a "wayfinder" person you can consult. (I have to visit this library soon. It sounds cooler each time I read about it.)

For crafty sorts: the Antique Pattern Library. (I'm always looking for weird mosaic/stained glass pattern ideas.)

For wordsmith geeks: the Eggcorns Database. My favorite so far is the ten-year track position. Hee!

For people in Ohio who want to get out and enjoy nature this weekend: a map of the state's covered bridges. We have a lot.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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