Monday, September 25, 2006

It's art and literature day!

Art: The Flickrblog is always a great resource for finding interesting photos; this small collection of spiritualism photos is amazing.

Art meets literature, sort of: the evolution of the speech balloon. Wow.

Literature: making poetry accessible to engineers. You build poems! Think of that way, they say!

Also, Margaret Atwood's invention Unotchit (mentioned previously) isn't doing as well as she'd hoped. They're tinkering about with it in an effort to get this "remote autographing" concept up and moving.

Random: After playing enough videogames, do you think about clicking on "real" objects? Or rolling them up, a la Katamari Damacy? (Long ago, in the era of text-based MOOs and MUDs, I remember a friend who had been online for several hours and tried to type "open door" when someone knocked on her dorm room door.)

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Anonymous said...

So...Unotchit isn't doing to well huh? That's not a shocker.

When you go to a book signing you look forward to not only seeing, touching and taking to your fav author in the flesh, but you also enjoy having your book "actually" signed...with a real pen!

This further supports my theory on Margaret "Smelly" Atwood.

A Quiz:

Maragaret Atwood is:
a) An Oaf
b) A Bumbling Buffoon
c) A Clod
d) A lazy author who won't go out and meet her "fans" unless a big University check is attached to it
e) All of the Above