Friday, September 08, 2006

Today: lots of links from others. Thanks, everyone!

From the Graveworm: major, sci-fi storylike steps are being taken to warn the people of the future about the nuclear waste sites of today. Hopefully this will be easier to understand than hieroglyphics, which are mentioned in the story.

From Zazoo: an interesting look on the 9/11 Pentagon attack, bringing up the whole "where was the plane debris, anyway?" question again.

Also from Zazoo: 97x, the future of rock and roll, is about to go under again. Any zillionaire philanthropists out there who feel like rescuing a landmark radio station?

From Glenna: what Pre-Raphaelite personality trait are you? Both she and I got "thoughtful." Hm.

Also from Glenna: more intersex fish have been discovered. Can intersex mammals be far behind? (Okay, yes, they probably are, but still.)

From Bill: BYU finds a use for seven tons of old law books - as mulch. I wonder if the Cincinnati Park Department would like some outdated books for their landscaping needs.

From Courtney: women sick of being harassed on the street can now post photos of offenders. (I love that the site is called HollaBackNYC.)

From Holly, the best excuse of the week: when there are no goats on the road, you're bound to speed. I especially like the caption for the photo of the goat.

Also from Holly: Sock Dreams have all sorts of great hosiery offerings! And they're affordable!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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mobycat said...

97x may be returning. That's the scuttlebutt. Will become part of